Book Selling 101

book selling selling books on etsy selling books online May 19, 2021

Selling books is such a fun way to make extra money, and there are as many ways to make money selling books as there are types of books to read. 

Here are five ways you can make money selling books from home, sorted from simplest to most complicated:

1. Sell on Facebook Marketplace. It's very easy to list any extra books you have lying around on Facebook. You can choose whether you are willing to ship or not. 

2. Sell on Amazon through FBA: you ship your inventory to Amazon and they sell it for you. This is super easy but the fees are high. Get the Amazon seller app, go to a used book store or thrift store, and scan book bar codes. The app will tell you what it sells for and what you will make on that item after fees. Most people stick with nonfiction and textbooks because the prices are much higher. 

3. Build a small Instagram following and sell books through your feed or stories. Once you have some followers and experience, you can join one of the many group sale hashtags and reach a wider audience. All you need is some books, a smart phone, and a PayPal account. 

4. Sell on a third-party platform like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy. If you are selling vintage, Etsy is an amazing place to be. If you sell a bunch of different books, look into eBay. It takes time and effort to build a brand on one of these platforms but it's worth it if you are in this for the long haul.

5. Sell on your own website. Once you have gotten the hang of a third-party platform, consider using Shopify to expand. The fees will be lower than Etsy and eBay and you can gather emails and build a large following. 


Five considerations:

1. Software programs like Sellbrite allow you to list items across multiple platforms, including Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. 

2. There are also platforms like and that you can sell on. 

3. Instagram is a great place to sell if you love books. If you don't love books, you won't fit in with the bookstagram community there and people won't be excited to buy from you. 

4. eBay customers don't expect much from sellers besides the best prices. Etsy customers expect much more, so you will be able to sell items for more but you must give more in return through customer appreciation, great packaging, etc. 

5. You can learn how I find books to sell in my ebook!

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