Five Reasons to Choose Etsy Over Shopify

book selling selling on etsy May 20, 2021

I know lots of micro-entrepreneurs that are selling books and vintage goods from home using only Instagram and PayPal. Most of these folks are stay at home moms and/or homeschool moms who make a little money for their families by selling items they know are popular with other moms like themselves.

The community on Instagram for this type of selling is very supportive and engaging. I encourage you to look into this type of selling as a first step to making money from home selling books and vintage goods. 

But eventually everyone that sells this way, whether it's books, vintage goods, clothing, etc will want to branch out to grow their business. If that's you, here are 5 reasons why I think you should choose Etsy instead of your own website (assuming you are selling something either handmade or vintage).

1. You probably won't need to deal with sales tax. In my state, Etsy collects and remits sales tax for me. But if I sell on my own website, I need to have a sales tax license and file myself. 

2. Etsy brings high quality customers to you. Etsy is an amazing platform and their customer base is growing rapidly. Why not take advantage of this and expose your goods to high quality customers without the fuss of learning Google SEO?

3. It's easy to learn how to stand out on Etsy. There is so much information out there on how to thrive on Etsy and it's much easier than learning how to advertise across multiple platforms. 

4. You can still set up Facebook and Instagram shops. It's easier with Shopify, but it's still pretty simple to connect your Etsy shop and make your Instagram posts shoppable with the new Etsy integration. 

5. It's cheaper. Yes, you pay fees when you sell on Etsy. But unless you are already a high-volume shop, you will save money by not paying the monthly fees that Shopify charges (not to mention the add on subscriptions you might need to optimize your shop). 


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