How to Create Listings Faster as an Etsy Vintage and OOAK Seller

batch work creating listings in etsy etsy vintage seller Jun 09, 2020

I think the biggest difference between vintage and one-of-a-kind (OOAK) sellers and handmade sellers on Etsy is the amount of time vintage folks spend making listings. Imagine you are a handmade seller and get to sell the same item over and over - you take pictures ONCE. You write a description ONCE. You worry about tags and titles ONCE. It sounds so relaxing!

Because I am always making new listings, I do what I can to make the process go faster. Here are a few things to remember as a vintage seller:

Copy or Renew a Previous Listing. If you have sold an item similar in the past, copy the old listing instead of starting a new one (Shop Manager>Listings>Sold Out>(pick a listing>Gear Icon>Copy). I do this for almost every listing I make. If I am selling a new blue book set, I’ll go through my Sold listings and find the one that most closely matches and copy it. That way lots of information is already filled out for me, including category, tags, titles, and general description details.

Sometimes I choose to Renew an old listing, but only if the new book set is very, very similar to the old one. 

Batch your listings. It’s WAY more productive to set aside a few hours to create lots of listings at one time. Save them as drafts and then publish them over days, not all at once. I batch my photos and listing details one day, and then batch the listing creation another day. If you want to learn more about how I use batching to run my shop on less than 10 hours per week, check out this course. 

Use scripts. Just like we do with messages to your buyers, there are a lot of things you can convey in a listing that are the same no matter what you are selling.

Your script won’t be quite the same as mine unless you sell vintage book sets, but here it is anyway. Use what you can and edit the rest. Notice that I added reviews and some frequently asked questions like shipping times and packaging options.


These are all vintage books and show various signs of aging, which may include damaged spines, smudges, fading, bumped corners, etc. All these natural signs of age are what make vintage books such a unique, charming, and cozy design choice!

**Shipping Details**

-I provide FREE domestic shipping over $35 and ship daily so you get your items fast. I use USPS Media Mail, which takes 3-9 days.
-Need guaranteed fast delivery? You may choose to upgrade to Priority Mail shipping at checkout.


-I wrap each order in kraft paper, vintage dust jackets, or any other fun vintage papers I can find and tie it with twine so it’s all ready for gifting!


Pretty Old Books has 100% 5-star reviews! Some testimonials:

“Neat stack of books to add to my collection. Highly recommend this seller, as she has great communication and excellent customer service! Speedy shipping and a pleasure to do business with. Thanks!”

“Books arrived rather quickly and wrapped so cute! Exactly as pictured. Seller also included a thoughtful hand-written thank you note, which was a very sweet and unexpected gesture. Nice to see how much she appreciates her customers. From the moment I opened the box, I was impressed by this seller and the special little added touches! Highly recommend.”

“So awesome! Lovingly wrapped and packed so sweet! Thank you so much :) Wedding prop decor ... love it xoxo D”

Want to see other vintage book sets? Check out the rest of my shop:

**Connect With Me**
I sell vintage and antique books through private members-only sale events every other week and also offer a loyalty points program! You can drop this link in your browser to join and immediately get a 25% off code to use when you visit my Etsy shop next time:

Thank you so much,
❤️ Jess

Let me know if you start using your own scripts and whether it speeds up your listing process!


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