Income Report - April 2021

etsy for vintage sellers income report shopify for vintage sellers May 04, 2021

Hi friends!

It's been a long time since I've done an income report. I used to do them on Instagram every month but then life got too busy for extracurriculars. And also, I went for a whole year without doing my monthly accounting!

I paid for that in December when it was time to gather documents for taxes. I had to sort all my transactions in Wave for the whole year and that was painful. 

But now I am back on track and doing my accounting every month like a normal person, so I can share the numbers with you. 

A few things to keep in mind with my numbers at this time:

1. I am working VERY part time. In the month of April, I had about 4 days where my son was in school (he normally goes on Monday and Wednesday but in April there were all kinds of holidays and breaks). 

2. I was away from home for 8 days and not working at all. 

Here are the numbers:

Etsy: $1938.84 - 26 orders

Shopify: $1050.46 - 6 orders 

Amazon: $40.68 - 3 orders

Total Revenue: $3029.98

A few notes:

1. Almost all my sales on my website (Shopify) come directly from either my Instagram posts or my newsletter. I rarely posted in April, hence only 6 orders. But one of them was for over $800. 

I spent almost everything I earned in April due to a higher number of start-up costs (I was building this website) and a record high amount spent on inventory ($1017.17). These will come back to me in the future.

I use Profit First accounting, so 15% of my earnings go into a tax account, 5% into an owner profit account (which I invest). I gave $1000 to my household budget. 


Goals for May:

consistent Instagram publishing

host a Secret Sale

list all Franklin Library books





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