Making the Most of Your Time

etsy for vintage sellers time management Mar 06, 2021

Running an Etsy vintage shop takes a lot of time and work. To do it well, we need to be doing all of these:

  • Checking stats
  • Listing items
  • Shop updates
  • Messaging customers
  • Taking and editing photos
  • Making listings
  • Creating social media content
  • Packing and shipping orders
  • Hunting for and processing inventory
  • Keeping the books
  • Keeping up with stats
  • Researching trends and keywords

I’m not an organized person, mostly because I resist systems and routines. But in an ideal world, my schedule would be made up of different batch working sessions that get everything done in chunks. This works so well for me! I made myself a template for planning out my batch work tasks and you can grab it for FREE here. I also created a whole course on how to identify your batch work tasks here. 

I try to alternate an Etsy-focused week with an email-sale focused week so I am not trying to do both all the time. If you have more than one sales channel, I suggest you do the same.

Do you follow a routine? If so, I am dying to hear all about it! Please reply to this email and share and maybe I can share it with the rest of the list!



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