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quick hits May 28, 2021
Welcome to this week's Quick Hits, a weekly round-up of things that I read, listened to, enjoyed, bought, or thought about this week that might help you in your home business. This post may contain affiliate links. If you use them, you can help support the work I do here at jessdollar.com at no additional cost to you! Thanks!

How was your week? We had a pretty routine summer week at home. I am not great at routines and schedules but they always make my days go better, so I am trying hard to build a summer routine while also being open to spontaneous adventure!

It's hard to believe May is coming to an end. I got pretty much nothing done....being honest here. My attitude is that not much is going to get done until Jack returns to regular school in August. I do what I can, especially mindless stuff like creating listings, but I can't get good work done if I never have blocks of time that I can devote to working. It is what it is! 

I keep waiting for Starbucks to open their lobbies for in-person dining so I can spend one evening per week working away from home. I miss working inside a Starbucks so much!!

Blog Posts

This week I wrote about book shipping basics this week. Click photo to read:

Quick Hits

1. Have you listened to the Business Made Simple podcast? I don't listen to every episode but I do think it's one of the best business podcasts out there. You can also sign up to get a free 60-day video series on the basics of the Business Made simple philosophy HERE. It's based on Donald Miller's book by the same name. 

2. 7 Functional, Practical & Useful Life Practices to Feel Like You Have Your Life Together. A quick podcast listen that might give you some ideas about the simple routines that make our days feel better. My favorite was #5.

3. Design Your Summer. Another podcast, this one about designing your summer so you end the season feeling like you made the most of your time. 

4. Map of the Internet. This is wacky and fascinating. 

5. Happy Mail stickers. I bought these cute little stickers to use on the outside of boxes for my Etsy and Shopify orders. 


Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, friends!

❤️  Jess

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