Summer Goals For Etsy Sellers

etsy for vintage sellers etsy seller goal setting May 10, 2021

Summer is generally a slow season for Etsy sellers, which makes it a great time to refresh your shop, expand into a new category, work on a special project, or do anything else you think my be good for your business long-term. 

For those that follow a quarterly goal system, try making your summer goals project based. For me, that might look like building a new product line, jumping into on-demand printing, or re-doing my branding.

You could also try making a summer business bucket list! I've had lots of fun with family summer bucket lists, and I think a business one could be fun, challenging, and motivating in the same way. 

A bucket list needs a good mix of small and easy actions and larger projects. Here are some items I could consider:

  • Get Etsy shop to 150 listings
  • Create one killer Instagram Reel
  • Go inventory shopping in a new location
  • Build the largest book set I've ever sold
  • Create a new photo spot in my house that IG worthy
  • take a course

One last way you could structure goals is a summer challenge. Do one thing every day for an entire month or season. Some examples could be Instagram stories, Etsy shop updates, list an item every day on Etsy, blog daily for 30 days, spend 10 minutes every day commenting on others' comments on social media, etc. 

If you want to try my summer Etsy challenge, I would love to have you! It's a 30-day challenge focused on Etsy visibility and you can sign up here - it's FREE

Bottom line: go into summer with a plan. Think of what you can do with your business that will make the fall and winter season better. Make a pivot if that's been on your mind. Try something totally different. A summer challenge is the best way to make sure you spend your time wisely rather than freaking out over lower sales. 

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