The Quickest Way To Create Etsy Vintage Listings

batch work productivity simple etsy business Mar 09, 2021

You can’t sell anything on Etsy if you don’t list anything. But listing things can often be the most time-consuming aspect of your job if you sell vintage and one-of-a-kind items. If you are operating a busy shop and things are always selling, then you need to always be listing, too. The question is where to find the time while also shopping for inventory, fulfilling orders, managing social media, and keeping up with finances.

The good news is this gets easier over time. There are a couple of reasons why it gets easier (and takes less time):

  • You have sold more so you have more listings to copy rather than starting from scratch each time.
  • You get faster and learn your routines.

There is one super-important key to listing vintage items on Etsy: batch work. You will get nowhere if you try to create listings one at a time. It’s inefficient and annoying. Instead, take an hour to photograph and gather listing details. Then take another hour the next day to create a bunch of listings at once and save them as Drafts to drip to your shop.

I’ve written out a detailed checklist of everything I do to get vintage listings created. Notice it’s done in two distinct batches just like I outlined above: the photos and details first, then the listing creation. These are always done in separate batches, usually separated by 1-7 days. As a visual reminder for myself, once I have photographed an item and recorded its details, I put it on the floor by my desk. When I finish creating the listing for that item, I then move it to my inventory closet. This is just a little hack to make sure nothing gets lost in the shuffle. I also delete the description details from my Notes app once a product listing is created, so I can easily see what still needs to be done.

Here is my checklist:

Etsy Vintage Product Listing Checklist

Batch One: Photos and Details
Use: Phone and Computer

  1. Take photos and video- iPhone, crop and straighten as you go
  2. Record listing details (product description, condition, weight, and size) and record in notes app (I do this on my computer, which is right next to my photo staging area).

Batch Two: Create Draft Listings
Use: Computer

  1. Find similar sold listing, copy, remove photos except for infographic. If no listing works, create a new listing
  2. Add or edit listing details as needed: unique description details, edit condition script if necessary, size, weight, year, tags, category, title, occasion, materials, color, etc.
  3. Save as Draft

Batch Three: Complete Listing and Publish
Use: Phone

  1. Edit photos - VSCO
  2. Open the draft listing I created in last step, but this time on Etsy app
  3. Add edited photos to listing, arrange in the preferred order order
  4. Save as draft
  5. Go to Etsy on your phone’s web browser (not the app)
  6. FInd draft listing, upload video
  7. Publish
  8. Add new listing to any relevant sale or coupon codes

Batch Three: Extras
Use: Phone

  1. Share your new listing in a Shop Update
  2. Promote item (optional)
  3. Pick a product image for social media, edit in A Color Story
  4. Send photo to Tailwind for later posting in Instagram and/or Pinterest


I hope that helps you get more done! if you want more training and help to simplify your business and get more done in less time, check out my course Etsy for Busy People. 

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