Transfer Etsy Products to Shopify

etsy for vintage sellers one of a kind shopify for vintage sellers transfer etsy products to shopify Jul 28, 2021

When I started my Shopify store, I wanted to sell my existing Etsy products. As a one of a kind and vintage seller, I needed something that would work on a continuing basis and ideally manage inventory for me as well. The option I chose was Shuttle, which at the time was called Etsify. For a one time fee I have been able to use this app for years now and it continues to get better and add new features. 

In Shuttle you can set parameters about what information gets transferred. For example, I have my settings so that all the text in my listings after the Shipping Details section is not transferred to Shopify as a lot of it is specific to Etsy. I also have the last photo of each listings automatically removed as its also Etsy specific. 

I've found Shuttle very easy to use and I like that I've been grandfathered and can continue to use this product for free forever. In the future I will probably upgrade to a paid subscription in order to track inventory, but for now I'm ok handling that manually as orders come in. 

If you are on Etsy and want to try Shopify, I think Shuttle is the easiest way to start because you can simply replicate your Etsy inventory. 


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