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connect etsy to facebook shop shoppable posts in instagram Mar 09, 2021

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I still remember the day almost 3 years ago when I learned how to make my Instagram posts shoppable (meaning people can tap my photos and shop right there on Instagram). I had just started my shop a couple of months before and was so excited to be able to do this. I did all the steps right away and a day later I got approved. It’s such a great feature, but it does have downsides:

  1. I can’t use Tailwind’s auto-post feature because you have to add the Product Tags on Instagram.
  2. This is for Shopify users: Instagram and Shopify sometimes don’t talk well together and often many of my sold-out books still show up in my Instagram Shop.

Other than those two issues, this feature rocks. It works like this: you link your Etsy inventory to Facebook and from there can tag anything in your Instagram shop. Find instructions on how to do it HERE.

I also think it’s important to use one of the link expander services like, Linkinprofile or These services let you have shoppable photos in your profile. When someone clicks on your one link in your profile, it expands to show different links to your various places around the web and your most recent post images with links attached.

I use Tailwind for this. When I create a post for Instagram in Tailwind, there is a place for me to enter the link for the product in my Pretty easy!

If there is one thing I hate to see an Etsy seller do, it’s to say in their caption “Now available in the Etsy shop” with no additional instructions. I am guilty of this, too - I just did it this week! But every time you say that you should also say “click photo in my bio link to shop right here on Instagram” or something similar to remind people they can get to your product without leaving Instagram.

Lower the barrier to entry for your buyers. You may think people are annoyed to see you say the same thing over and over in your captions, but most people don’t see most of the stuff you post, so it’s not repetitive to them. It’s a service to remind people how easy it is to shop for your products. Don’t make them leave Instagram, go to Etsy, remember who you are, find your shop, then find the item they want. Ugh!

Remember: Always be looking for ways to make it easier for people to buy from you.

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