This is my "why"

❤️  Being a wife and mother is my calling.

❤️  Running a business from home is my challenge.

❤️  Helping others build their own businesses is my passion. 

My husband and I have run a few businesses together

We started in 2007 as triathlon coaches. That business was our first experience with self-employment, and it soon branched out into me running my own fitness boot-camp as well.

Fast forward to 2018...

I was intrigued by Etsy but had no artistic or crafting ability, nor did I know anything vintage products.

But I somehow stumbled onto something I felt I could do: sell vintage books by color.

So I used a $100 gift card I had gotten for my birthday to buy my first batch of inventory from the Goodwill Outlet.

I had my first Etsy sale less than a week later and was hooked.

But this is the most fun part!

I can talk business for hours and love helping friends I’ve met online start and grow their own Etsy and Shopify stores.

This website is the result of those hours of conversation, the free challenges I’ve done with my email list, and my endless thirst for knowledge.

But it all comes down to this: if you want to run a business from your home, I want to help you do that.

For you AND for your family. Thank you for joining me!